New ideas for new map?

  • My old Neighborhood + old school + stores (on google maps, look up Michigan oscoda
  • Security breach (team Robots and team Visitors)(Fnaf game)
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You should do your old neighborhood, but be aware that it may be a privacy concern

i mean, it wont realy. because i live like 5 states or somthing away from there lol

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You should do security breach. It would be really cool and fun to play.

what if robots in your old town?

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There are many ways to trace someone’s new location from their old one. You should never reveal any personal information about yourself online.

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True, true. Now we know you [redacted]!

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Hey guys, since (technically) that’s off-topic, I suggest you talk about ideas for the games instead.

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this is the security breach so far (lobby)

and i changed the code so that you dont get on (im lazy :slight_smile: but not with maps)lol


and i need help with how to make the big freddy golden statue…

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I like a style using Spaceship interior and lab white (any works), with dark scraps and wood as well sometimes water to add some more color with all the neutral colored stuff.


You got codes. Also pretty good, though!

wild fox said this. Also, how am I getting character limited from the blockquote and the first sentence?!