New GKC Song Rankings

So, since Gimkit released songs into GKC, I decided I was going to listen to them all and make a tier list of all of them.
The songs you can use for maps are:

  • Creative Funk
  • Spy
  • Jazz Club
  • Peaceful Guitar
  • Epic Battle
  • Hiphop - Neon
  • Neon- Movement
  • Rock Band

Now that we know the songs, it’s time for the rankings!

  1. Hip-hop - Neon: This song is absolute fire. It is just super good and honestly perfect for a battle royale game instead of Epic Battle.
  2. Creative Funk: This is the definition of cool. It’s kind of a vibe, you just get lost in it.
  3. Epic Battle: I mean, this is okay. It’s by no means the best, but is certainly alright. It is not that good for a battle, Neon is.
  4. Rock Band: It’s your standard metal head rock n’ roll song, but somehow it feels alright when you play it.
  5. Peaceful Guitar: This one is great. It’s very chill and laid back and it almost reminds me of the Fishtopia soundtrack or Farmchain.
  6. Hip-Hop - Movement: This one gets this ranking because it feels like it could have more potential than what it already does.
  7. Spy: This one is very good and works for a variety of things, but I feel like more of a bank heist or jailbreak would suit it better.
  8. Jazz Club: I didn’t factor this one in. It sounds like a Jazz club and is super laid back and could be better, but is okay where it already is now.

And that’s the rankings.

i just now noticed gkc team added music this is so good and cool!

Another one? There are already three other guides on this…and these are your personal rankings…


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Yeah, also, isn’t this a little opinionated?

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