New gimkit map in BETA testing

i’m not sure what to add to make it a good quality map not one of htose low quality maps i want it to as high as i can get it with curret tools it’s a OWO one way out castle edition with rooms

Also why did i get flagged earlier what i was asking could save lives sorry i’m done

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are you asking for beta testers?? because you arent supposed to ask that here, thats for the padlet or wix

BBUT id still like to playtestif thats what you need!!

Sorry, but it’s just off-topic.

Just call 911. Common sense.

Anyways, you want us to beta test or you want us to help?

no i’m asking what to add

Also why did you flag me for a brilliant idea that could save lives

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  1. It’s not talking about gimkit
    2.You repeating the same message over and over again which makes it spam

oh also i’m asking for help to clarify i’m asking what can i add to make it a high quality map if not extreme high quality nto one of those unbeatable 8 year old mas not being rude but saying it’s one way out style with rooms i’m not sure what to add i have storage libarary gym not sure what to add and rec room that’s it so far

can you send some screenshots of the map so far?? also do you want ideas on features or what to add to the map

So to make it a quality map:
1.Don’t make it so that you can out of the map. Place walls and barriers.
2.Make it so that someone can win
3.Be creative with the props, but stay on OWO theme

i wasn’t trying to spam i’m saying the hotline idea could save lives even for people’s releatives friends family on here it could save their lives

I’m asking for features like mechanics mainly i have sentries and lasers and balls what else

Teleporter, itemspawners

okay did item spawnerd added tutorial and look at my other thing and respond

Is your friend ok now? :worried:

I said yeah two days ago i’m referring to something new the idea could ave lives especially in countries like kenya ugand egypt australia moracco liberia nigeria algeria yemen slovakia the rmeote high up locaiyons

yes they are but the only reasson i’m saying to expand is a few reassons
1 gets you community service hours for school purposes
2 saves millions of lives in the USA and other countries
3 thhis community i don’t know how it’s helping society
4 social media is bad
5 helps people in remote regions if 911 is taking forever in a day

Also where can i share test links i mean gimkit playtest


point being not trying to spam i’m trying to help

what on earth are you takking about

also slovakia and australia arent remote or high up

yeah i know i said those because australia is in a desserte iwth not much around
and slovakia is in mountain range i thought maybe that’s scandavia or nepal

yeah those are both wrong, along with a lot of the others you said. im ending this here though.