New game i'm working on called Need More Heat

Um guys I’m making a game Called Need More Heat.
So basically the game is about how it’s Monday and you don’t want to go to school so you tell your father that you need to check your temperature and it is average temperature. So you try to raise your temperature as high as possible.
So do you guys have any ideas on how to help me do dialogue and changing stuff?


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By the way, you can’t post game codes here :‎(

@AVeryCringeEntity most people will not understand the game
perhaps include a brief description on how the game works

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i basically already told u everything
use buttons!
wire repeaters
u barely do gkc so idk ur style


I know that I can’t post codes


Will edit!
Thanks for the idea.


Yeah some people don’t though so I was just making sure

now that u changed the description
i can help

so you should have a button next to the father and when you click it. it shows a textbox or opens a pop up and when that popup closes another one opens until the end of dialog
and for textbox
search things up?

You are going to want to have a counter that is player scoped and linked to a player scoped property called heat level. They both have defaults of 0. The counter should increase on the channel more heat

Now you will have tasks spread out around your map. Each task will be triggered by a button and the button will broadcast on the channel more heat.

Over the father you have a button. That button is wired to a checker. The checker should check if your heat level is greater than some number say 7. If the check passes it opens up a popup that says you don’t have to go to school. If not it opens up one where the father says your fine.

If you want the heat to be in degrees or something have the check be 100. Have the default on the counter and the property be 91. If you want a task to increase your heat level more than once make it broadcast multiple times.

Welcome to the forums @AVeryCringeEntity

this is a very original game idea :skull:

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Rip off of a roblox game

You can use ovelays for the thing that shows your current task, you can use a sentry for the father, popups for dialogue, and use the animation guides for the cutsences. For the… uhh… sun-to-earth thing (if your adding that part) use buttons will a longer interaction speed each time.

You’re not going to 100% copy the roblox game, right?

he probably will💀


It’s called a recreation if you didn’t know that…

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And the lava pool part as well