New battle gamemode

I am making a battle map for my friends and I need help making it better because I also want to post it so other people can play it. I am not good at building things and I would like somebody who knows what they are doing to help.

A battle map? Like battle royale?

it is a two team battle

Ok, so when you go into map settings choose the gamemode you want for teams.

can I give you the code so you can see what I have so far?

I have the map and settings made but I fell like the map itself needs to be improved.

codes aren’t allowed here

yeah, but i can share the map to you so you can access it.

or you can email me through the email above and I can send you the link through there.

I would not recommend giving away your school email because now everyone knows where you relatively live.

there is a wix site to post it on, here it is:

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good point. that makes sense.