Nevermind This!

Yeah… No… Nothing to see here unless you want to check the edits.


just warning sentrys cant have it

Yeah, i know.

(Insert Extra Characters)

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ummm senties!! of course

For extra characters you can put letters in between < >

I tried that but it still showed.

i think it could have a cool background like it being a cave with hiding places for campers and upgrades so it can be harder for campers so it is still 50% 50%


do this <–ssssssssssssssssssssDDD>
the reason this one is showing is because you CAN ONLY HAVE upper and lowwer case letters anything els dont work

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What should the Background Terrain be?

it should be a cave sense we are using pickaxes, but I guess someone lives their sense places to hide and get upgrades should make the game more interesting

So like put rocks for players to hide behind in? And where should i put the upgrades?

with quantum portals
here are sentry stats


Screenshot (201)

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yeah, rocks and idk maybe like before they play, they only start with a few dollars in game and have to pay for things before the game starts where you press a button

the sentries should be low threat like a minor annoyance to make the game a bit more dangerous

Wdym by that?

you do realize that pickaxe pvp may be removed soon, right?


Yeah, but pickaxe combat is a different type of combat because its a melee weapon.

so, there are options on what kind of pickaxes they can use, and they buy the basic one and everyone like 5 rounds they get to go back to the shop and buy a better pickaxe and every round you get more money if you beat them