Nether map ideas (from minecraft.)

im making a game where you go through multiple levels and they get harder the farther you go. The last level is nether-like/hellscape. although it seems pretty bland as of now. any ideas for things I could possibly add to make it better? (like props or terrain stuff)

Hmmm….well try dirt with red barriers over it?

ah good idea! (i wont mark a solution just yet incase anybody else posts.)

Make sure the red barriers are opaque (Transparent).

You can use grey water and put a orange barrier at 0.50 alpha over the water to make lava, and moon rock with dark a light red barriers over them at 0.30 or 0.20 aplha to make the nethrack. And to make the black stone or basalt just place wooden poles and tint them dark grey, light grey, or light black.

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You can also add red carpet (the red with dark red spots) as lava and make it an instakill when the player walks on it. You can do this by putting lasers around the border and making them do more damage than your Gim has. That way, you won’t have to use too much lasers. (Each one uses 250 memory now, LMAO).

yeah, but the water looks better, it moves and you can add a laser infront of it to deal damage if wanted.

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hm good idea!

(dont mind this i need 20 characters.)

Just use the symbols <> to hide text and bypass the character limit.

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