Needing some Californian help.... 🐻

Sorry to say this, but I’ve never published a single map on Discovery that has lasted very long. I’m tossing and turning thinking of some type of game to make, that people will actually like – (yes, Baldi’s Basics, the new and improved version is in progress) or play, at least, so I need some ideas, and you guys’ opinions.

My game may have:

  • Summer themed or Californian-type style. [Try your best]
  • Some type of team battle or something :unamused:
  • Ideas for props or something :face_in_clouds:
  • It can be beach themed if you will


You can make (A Few Suggestions)…

  • A cruise vacation game (For Example: Try Gimkit Cruise for inspiration).
  • A beach party game.
  • A beach cleanup game.
  • A Summer Camping game.
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I have one that I’m too lazy to do:

  • You have 3 minutes to gather resources at the start of the game.
  • After those three minutes, its a complete FFA, but with a twist. Every time you knock someone out, they join your team and are forced to fight for you.
  • If you knock the leader of a team out, the entire team is on your team now. If you only knock a player on a team out, only that player goes to you.
  • After only one team is left, the team leader of that team wins. If 10 - 15 minutes pass and there are still multiple teams, the team with the largest amount of players wins.

This is good with 5+ players, but it can also be a manhunt game if you have less than 5.

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Thanks for helping, but those ideas aren’t enough for me yet.
Have any other ideas?

Also, your games are pretty good, and I look forward to seeing more of them!

That’s amazing, I might keep that in consideration! :grinning:

I have some add-ons too.

  • Your team members can also gather resources that can boost your team. If you get stuff like white seeds or something, you can upgrade your team’s damage, speed, or even give them passive regeneration. There’s a team chest that only the team leader can open, or a regular team member can buy the upgrade.
  • There can also be bases you can claim around the map. These bases can also give your team resources and benefits. Once a base is claimed, another team has to deal 2,500 damage to the base’s flag to conquer it.

I’m starting to actually want to use this idea…

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I wouldn’t mind receiving help on it, though.
Sounds pretty good.

2 More Suggestions (I can’t think of anymore as of right now):

  • A Rescue Mission game in LA.
  • Art Idea: Golden Gate Bridge
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All right, I think I’ve had enough.
:white_check_mark: Congratulations on your 100th solution, @mysz.
Thanks for helping me, @AlvinFun, and if I make a second game, one of those might be on my highest of my considerations.


I have a name for the game too-- Battle on the Beach!
I’m gonna start on it right now!

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Thank you. I’m actually developing my second game that will be published some time in the near future.

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That sounds like fun.


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