Need thumdnail for tag game (tazzle)

i need a custom made thumbnail (opps its also a puzzle game)

Welcome to the forums @uniquegim , and okie, super fast thumbnail delivery coming up.
Remember to read:

welcome to the forums @uniquegim

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My thumbnail:

@T_Sonic54 criticism would be welcomed

i could help hand drown or google slide?

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I can criticizeeee!

  • The trees are the size of the gims, make them bigger?
  • The blaster is cut off
  • The title is too simplistic, make it bigger and add more credits
  • Shading?

Okie making changes except I can’t shade

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im so sorry it looks really bad but this is my first time ever drawing a thumbnail!

tell me if you want me to change anything!

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Ok so here are some problems.

  1. The font and color do not work well with this background.
  2. The Blaster is a png and not drawn.
  3. The trees are about as tall as the gims.
  4. I can not tell what the gim on the right is.
  5. Lack of shading (this one is optional)

This is beautiful for a first time drawing

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thank you sooo much that means a lot
(i think it looks bad because im not a good artist in real life)

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I’m not an artist either. I’m a photoshopper.

same but im not good at both but some people are awesome at it!



The font is covering a cloud and the blaster is too close the gim

Updation 2:

Can I crizirezs? : D my spelling lol

Okie bring the criticism


  1. The gim with the Roman nurable 1, the legs haveta be thicker
  2. The background blue is Linda to bright….maybe also add some birds in the background
  3. the grass could be more wavy
  4. the title is a bit bright
    Now i gtg hope dis helps
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