Need someone to make me a thumbnail

could someone make me a thumbnail for a fortnite type game? Litteraly all it has to be is fortnite transfered into a gimkit art thing. The game name is Gimnite, if you have a better name you can create a new one. i will give credits and its a zero build. Thanks!

theres like nine different games named gimnite lol /nbr

Sorry, I am not familiar with the term “zero build” could you explain it to me…

And of course, I can help you with it!

in fortnite, there are game modes called zero build, and build. it is exactly what it sounds like. in one mode you can build and in one you cant

also thank you for helping! i have to go now but i will check in tmrw and see what you have so far

So I do have a thumbnail made for another game called gimnite I just need to configure it a bit. here is what it looks like:

I can erase the logs since it’s a zero build game.

the logs are fine but it looks great!

i could make a 30 vs 1 and use your thumbnail cause it does look good and i like people who hand draw stuff

What do you mean by 30 vs 1?

remeber you made a thumbnail for the 30 vs 1 game i could make one and use that thumbail

Oh ok! I can make both of them JPG for you that way you can use them.

ok sure you can do that

Log on to the Forums for 15 days. It doesn’t have to be consecutive.

This may be true but still, if it isn’t you still need to take responsibility because it’s your device and you could’ve stopped her.