Need some mini game ideas

I need some ideas on some good mini games that a lot of things can be combined into. I want to go along the lines of mazes, find the button, or a miniature capture the flag. Right now I just can’t come up with any, so if you have any ideas I am welcome to take any!I need these mini games for a map I am creating, it’s going to be a giant map with multiple different mini games connected to it, and I don’t know what type of mini games can go into what,So if you have any ideas tell me!

here are some ideas:
-target practice
-running race (with sprinting)
-maze run
-sentry deathmatch

Platformer (if you have it):
-parkour with sentries
-prop jump (some don’t have collision :smiling_imp: )
-fall damage parkour (use the new fall damage guide)

Hmmm, maybe you could make a capture the flag-esque game where people can build defensive structures to defend the flag with attacks or abilities?

I think I might’ve started the dropper map trend. I mentioned it one time on the forums, and coincidentally, the next day I saw like 20 dropper maps in the new section on discovery.
to make this reply on topic, here are some ideas:

  • juggernaut game

  • Speedrun game

  • and maybe a map that is basically a guide how to make in game mechanics.

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