Need Quality Help on Map Creation

Hi, guys! I have a question for you guys. Can someone try adding more art to my map? I need playtesting, too! The code is complete, so feel free to give detail suggestions! Thx!

welcome to the forums @Jackpot
read these tips and you’ll be on track forum-tips forum-beginners

Reply with “Gim” if you wish to test the map!!!

you cant put codes here cuz it causes to much chaos

no codes. Gim

but u can put the map in your bio and I’ll test it :smiley:

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welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you find your time here enjoyable @Jackpot

and no j0in codes or game codes that will result in a ban, what art do you need

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sorry. I’m new here. I just needed help, that’s all.

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no problem just read these forum-tips forum-beginners

thats okay any mistakes you make the first time will be brushed off just make sure to read the rules cause it can get anoying

u can edit ur bio in profile (right side of screen

you can post the code on wix if you want. they have a whole section to do that.

Maybe just art that fits the theme, its supposed to be some spaceship theme avoiding robots. (like I said, new here.)

huh- oh, okay! thanks!
(the link to wix)

thanks! you’ll learn to love this place!

what do i click?

wait, how do I access my bio? this is getting stressful.

hang on, I keep getting notifications, give me a minute.

to share codes you go to the code sharing one. if you want to have a good time talking without getting flagged, go to the group chat. you have to request to j0in though, which might take a while.