Need Major Game Help!

HELP!!! I have no idea how to have my game automatically end when all players on one team have been knocked out three times. Also my sentrys and item granters are disappearing when I click “Restore Map”, but the wires are still there. Another thing is that my damage boost also disappears and doesn’t activate in the game. What do I do?

knockout manager -knocked out- counter target 3 -counter reach target-end game

What are you talking about? I have a knockout manager now set up, but I have no idea what to do with the rest of the information you gave me.

This is actually pretty complex of a concept. I would probably use a property with the scope of player, and use a knockout manager and a counter / trigger with block code to decrement it.
I’m not quite sure how to check and see if all players have no lives left though…

Should the players be able to play even after they’ve been knocked out three times but other teammates haven’t?

Search up how to make a live player counter. Make it. Change the relay to all players on a specific team. Have the counter have a target of 0. If the counter hits its target, end the game.

No, they should not be able to play but able to watch the rest of the battle unless they are the last one on a team, then the game will automatically end.

Part 1

Knockout Manager -> Counter

"Player Knocked out" -> "Increment Counter"

Set Counter target value to "3"
Set the scope to "Player"

Counter -> Team Switcher
"Target Value Reached" -> "Switch to team"
Set the team on the Team Switcher to "Spectactor"

Part 2

Add a trigger right on top of all the spawn pads.
Set the scope to: "team"
Add a counter.
Set the scope to "global"
Set the target to 0

Every Trigger -> Counter
"Triggered" -> "Increment Counter"

Counter -> End Game widget thingy
"Target Value Reached" -> "End Game"

Do this for every set of trigger-counters

Only problem, idk if the counter would say its target value reached at the start

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I just realized that your solution won’t work because of that issue. When I or other players spawn, it would end the game before it even starts. Thanks for you suggestion.



Get a trigger
Set the scope to “global”
Set the max triggers to “1”
Set the delay to 0.1

For the counter, set the starting value to 1

Trigger → Counter
“Triggered” → “Decrement Counter”

This way you won’t have the bug.

How it works:

Starting Coutner Value (SCV) = 1

1st player joins → SCV + 1 = 2 but theres only 1 player so the second trigger does SCV - 1 = 1, then deactivates itself. Then everything works fine after that.

do u have multiple spawn pads?
if so make sure that the debugging trigger is out of sight and make every trigger trigger the debugging trigger

This is complex, but I have established it in my maps before, but with tag counters, here’s an image of it, but I might not be able to explain, its very complex.

(Some probably is for other parts of the game, but this is most of the actual things.)
Possibly someone can figure this out and put it in text :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.
Also you can not see it but there is a counter to the side so when they spawn in it triggers a zone which goes to the counter which sets how many players their are, I hope I did not put blocks in this…
Hope this helps at least a little.

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Relay to all players on a specific team and check if sample_property = 3.
if false:
deactivate a trigger
Also connected to the relay is a wire repeater that runs the trigger after 0.1 seconds. The trigger is connected to an end game device.


I have decided to hope that player will have integrity when playing my map. Thank you for all your help.