Need lobby ideas!

I am making a murder mystery map but I do not know what I should do for lobby.

maybe just have a decorated room that’s somewhat related to the theme of your game? there could be text in the middle of the room that explains the basis of the game, or at least some of its backstory.
you could also add a ‘credits’ section. (if anybody else helped you on your map.) and an update log.

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you can have a detective Baka sentry that you can talk to also.

You can use dirt and tint them red to look like blood spots. You can add some broken glass, and a nice terrain would be a dungeon. You can also put some broken glass on the floor, to make it look mysterious. You can also add a table with a codex, wire a button to a pop-up in front of the table, and make the button not visible in game. Then, you can add a secret message or something blurred out that kinda looks like this: “I _'m co__ing” and make them totally confused when they read it. You can also add some infected bookshelves, and add papers on the floor to give it spice ya know? :smiley_cat:


you could put…

  1. Flowers

  2. TV

  3. Arcade game prop

  4. The big soccer ball ( if lobby is big enough )

  5. Sofa A.K.A Couch

  1. Red moss
    2.a detective emoji on a text device
    3.Detective sentry