Need ideas from my buds

ok so not insulting anyone but i was wondering if i could get some ideas for @WolfTechnology and @The_7th_Dragon or any of my other old buddies thank you

7th is no longer active anymore : (


what do you type of ideas do u need?

what game to make?

what to add to your game?


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idk no ideas for it thats what i was going to ask them

kinda just wanted to talk to them i know thats off topic but ya idk


others are also @Blizzy @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns @CYANTIGERREGINS one of those idk but ya

I don’t think @Blizzy or @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns are online.


No I am right now. But I have to go

I don’t know. Just say I liked your post? But, like @Blizzy, I have to go now.


Yeah 7th is no longer active, I am though :slight_smile:

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Ideas 4 what?

just checking in…


For games, I guess. @The_7th_Dragon happy to see you even if it is for a minute

just an idea for a mod a game ya

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@Blizzy @The_7th_Dragon @WolfTechnology just ideas and stuff

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Knew @The_7th_Dragon wouldent leave lol yay all the best buddy are here

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: party dance halalouia

ideas for a map YAY I was sad that everyone said you left :frowning: knew you wouldn’t tho lol

@WolfTechnology yay your here ngl thought you left forever and was kinda sad we had some good times lol

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yooo what?!!? @Chumbucket !?!?!?!?

@Blizzy your here yay happy you still get on