Need idea's for what to put in my map

I want to make a map where there are two teams each with a vault. The goal is to break into the other team’s vault and steal cash from it. Once all the cash had been stolen from one side, they won. What should I put for the available weapons amount they get, health, materials that spawn in the map to repair your vault, etc?

If you think of a name for my map tell me! (I need one)

I already know how to make a health system for the vaults using properties.

Cash collectors?

You can just use props, or barriers have health if you turn on that setting then set the health you wish them to have. Then for the cash use vending machines that are hiden under a pile of cash and when vending machine is purchased, the cash pile disappears.

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Vending machines to purchase different weapons and/or when they knockout someone, the rarity of their current weapon increases.

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You could call it “The Heist”. (Sorry, I’m not good at names!) Maybe their weapons increase in level the more cash they have (in their vault, stolen, or both)?

I can make a prop over a button, (First, destroy the prop) then when someone presses the button, it re-activates the prop and decreases the heath of the vault door. When the health reaches 0, the door disappears. The health system will use a property.

you can make it re-activate props, but not decrease the health of the door, only gadget fire can decrease the health.

Vortex vs. Echo: Cash grab (name idea)

It sounds like something vortex and echo would do.