Need ideas for things in my game

I am making a museum Heist Game where you have to yoink items from a museum while everybody else in the game is trying to hunt you down. I need ideas for things to yoink

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precious orb. jewels. antiques. mb

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I’m having trouble coming up with things that I haven’t already done. sorry if its filler


In reality, tho, here is a list.

  • Bananas
  • Anvils
  • Art
  • Statues
  • Other items

If you need ideas for statues, ruins, etc, I’m your girl for it! Just ask/ping and I’ll do it!

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Yoink 1 atom of unobtainium.
(you can’t even see it, that’s how hard it is to obtain)

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the first dark matter drive


The Potato Crown.
(he never dies)

  • Paintings

  • Items that are split into parts and spread into different rooms that you have to put back together

  • trophies

  • fish out of aquariums

metal pipe that isn’t loud when you drop it.

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how would I make that? (Technoblade Never Di3s! :saluting_face:)

hey you didnt tell me what RNG means.

Random Number Game or Random Number Generator.