Need Ideas for some arcade machine levels in my new gimkit creative map

I’m currently making a new map for gimkit, and the vibe is kinda mysterious and creepy. I am working on the second level right now. It has three arcade machines with increasing difficulty that you need to beat or something to go to the next level. Anyways, just wondering if anyone had an idea for what I could do for the Arcade Machine. BTW, I already did the first one.

One way out minigame

That sounds cool. I’ll add that right now or some thing

pacman. I made a guide on it if you need help. and those games where you have like three seconds to get to a specific coloured square before time runs out

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You know how an arcade machine has an “on” prop and “off” prop?
Place a lot of “off” arcade machines so it looks abandoned and creepy
Also, note that your map needs to be kid-friendly, as gimkit was made for kids and children. A creepy and mysterious vibe is okay, but don’t add blood or violence or anything like that.

sound cool, and I can’t even think of anyways i could add blood or that kind of thing

i’ve seen it with tinted dirt :expressionless:

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