Need Ideas For RPG

Hello! I’m in dire need of ideas for my RPG (im having a builders block). It’s a space themed map where you and a few friends are trying to save a space colony (or people who live on a moon base, like Space Case) from a bunch of evil martian alien things. Here is what I need:

  1. Quest Ideas
  2. Some prop art ideas for the base
  3. A few roles for the team
  4. More storyline/lore

Thanks! Bye bye!
-MirMirCreates signing off

Try this for quest ideas!

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Lore: The aliens want to invade the moon base to use it to take over earth
Quest: Kill the main boss alien

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I like those, but I was looking for more space themed, like, pick up space trash for the eco group!

(I should use that…)

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Leader lead you teammates to battle!
Healer drop heals to your teamnates
Tank have great health but low speed
Scout go ahead of your team to scout!

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You can have it as a a build a ship. So your planet is being invaded, and you have to escape. Explore the map and find parts to build a ship, craft parts from nearby resources and fight you way through alien hords on you way to escape. That legit sounds like an ad.

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Haha, yeah it does! The only thing I would say is that maybe you could get resources from quests? I like your idea though

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I know right? And thanks, I do think if you found some survivors that hand out quest for parts would work well in that aspect.

Maybe the space colony has an item that the aliens need to do something powerful for evil needs and the aliens are trying to take it from them. The space colony hid on a certain planet but the aliens found them, and surprised them. The space colony does not have the item with them, but they know where it is, and the aliens are planning to take the location from them somehow soon. On this quest, Gim’s home planet and possibly the universe are at stake once the space colony becomes defeated enough to tell the aliens the location of the item.

After you find the space colony and rescue them, they realize you’re a good guy and thank you for saving them but it is too late. One of their guys had just barely gotten the location of the item forced out of them. They tell you where to find it, and it’s a race for the item. If the aliens find it first, the planet, galaxy, or universe is in danger. If you find it first, your mission is successful.

I can’t decide which option is better, but you can decide between one of the two:

  1. The aliens barely beat you to the item, but they have to get through you before they can get to their evil plans (This could lead to an epic boss battle)
  2. You can beat the aliens to the item, and the aliens fight you for possession of that item.

I’m not sure what the item would be. My ideas are:

  1. Galaxy fish
  2. Gimfish
  3. Gold seed
  4. Gimberry

So that’s my idea on storyline I hope you think it’s good because it took me a long while to type it.

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I didn’t realize what an essay I typed until I clicked reply. Phew!

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Wowzers! This is awesome! I will totally use it. And, I know how I can include both endings!

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Thanks! I’m happy I could help.

Are you allowed to tell me what the name of the game will be when it comes out or is that off-topic? I’ll want to try it out once it’s done.

I can’t publish the game, sadly, but I will post the showcase link in my bio or something. The name of the game will probably be something like, “The Great Space Caper”.

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These are the roles you could put in, if all the abilities are speed, weapon, and heal rate:
Leader: (Easy mode) Heals quick, maybe 4 per second. Kind of powerful weapon, and a decent speed, faster than default.
All-arounder: Has decent healing, maybe 3 per second, a normal speed, and a normal weapon.
Medic: Heals quick, maybe 5 per second, with a kind of weaker weapon and slower speed.
Sniper: Heals kind of slowly, like 2 per second, with a strong weapon and a slower speed.
Runner: Heals kind of slowly, like 2 per second, with a weak weapon and a super fast speed.
Attacker: Does not heal, but is super fast and has a powerful weapon.
New recruit: (Hard mode) Low speed and weak weapon, slow healing, maybe 1 health per second. If you beat the game as New recruit, maybe you can get a secret ending

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