Need ideas for purple zone

ok so I made a massive gimkit maze. Then I made a dry grass zone. Now im workign on the purple but i want the purple and snowy zones to be different from the rest what should i do also i onlyl have 10% memory left so not to huge thank you

I don’t know, make a maze?
You can also perhaps cut down memory using this guide:

yes a maze but what in the maze is the question

Taps Neck in 2 fps Purple Props? Evil Plant Sentries?

??? what i dont get what your saying

Use props like the purple tree, maybe tint other props to be purple, as for the Evil Plant Sentries, just plop down some sentries that are pink evil plants to be a hazard for players.

i already have sentries and everythings already purple I’m saying i need something for the zones challenge like for the dry zone it was a little trap room where you had to fight a bunch of sentries.

Maybe to compliment the test of skill (sentries) you could have a test of smarts and a test of speed?

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Adding on to what ClicClac said about speed, maybe give them like 5x speed and make them do something hard when your fast? Like you have to get through a really small opening.

5x speed doesn’t exist.

Oh sorry. I just remembered that there was a speed faster then in the editing options.

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