Need Ideas for prison lockdown game

I am building a prison lockdown game where the main character has to go down through 10 floors of a giant prison. Each floor there is a boss, and on the final floor, there are 7 of them. I need ideas for each boss fight and floor mechanics. Also, please give me easter egg ideas. I already have it so that each floor has turrets to assist you, and a working elevator.

there could be hidden zones that respawn a player so they have to travel a specific pattern to get to the boss.

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backrooms easter egg and make a big elevator with a homeless guy in it

ok… i’ll make the homeless guy the most powerful being in existence.

that would be funny

what? i was just thinking to make him buy your trash items


Or… you can just add more decoration if you haven’t, and also make it so you have to sneak through on some levels.

There is some lore. Also, your best friend(in game) dies at the end

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you could have someone sell you fake items for really good ones like real scammers

Yeah add a stealth floor you can use a box to hide in like in metal gear solid

Name him Himothy. The best friend has to be Himothy. HE JUST HAS TO!

you could make it where if the go the wrong way, they lose there weapon

his name gonna be himothy von timothy

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Losing a weapon is a bit overkill don’t you think?

nope. losing you weapon, just buy it back from who stole it

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i agrea, probely best for a troll game

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you could have @josh the creator of gimkit come in as a final boss

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lol, then everyone who plays it would be mad at josh cuz he kills ur in game best friend

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Do you know how to draw a Hydra? If so draw a black one on the fourth floor maybe have him say dark hydra. (4 is my favorite number) If not you do you