Need ideas for my map

I need some ideas for my map I don’t know what to do I’ve try to think about what to do but I can think of what to do

Do you have season ticket?

well what map are you making

no I don’t have enough money to buy it

ummm what map are you making a map with tag, or a map with ctf

I don’t know how do I tell this is my first time trying this

well explain the map like the type of gamemode it is and the theme look for it

Ok. You could make a capture the flag or a tag or a one way out or a farmchain or a battle royal or a pvp or a blastball type of map.

And those are only a few types of maps you could make.

No, there is much more.

Escape rooms, your own story game, remaking a gimkit game and adding more features, whatever you think is the best.

Personally I think you would like story games.

Also check this out

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That’s what I said. There are so many maps you could make.


misread it, my bad.

maybe try recreating and already existing game? if you have one in mind, im sure you’ll be able to find a guide for it here if you need help.

my current map is called doom and its top down map style

is that a good name😐

any updates
on what I should do

theres an evil hacker loose and you have to catch him? puzzle story game with escape rooms.