Need ideas for my game Yoshi's Gimcrafted world (No not a repost

Plz help with ideas I will give credit

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How about Gimoshi Creative World? That sounds like a fittest name for gimkit


that’s sound good any other ideas?

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You can put barrier art for eggs and zone when you enter the gim-goomba(barrier art) disappears and you get a coin.

And Gimers(the eggs) could be barrier art that you throw like the Yoshi Games

these r AMAZING IDEAS I just need a guide to do those things

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Can you do Barrier Art? Just wondering

no unfortunatley not im kinda a beginer
keyword being kinda

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ill help my sister loves that game!
post code here

I will but gotta test BRB be back in a few

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ok ill wait

will it be a platformer

u ready yet?

im back

ok post it in the pallet

sorry that happened

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its ok :slight_smile:

ay quick question? does your sis play GK?

no she’s 4 lol

if she does tell her about my game BUT BACK ON TOPIC (not yelling) any other ideas