Need ideas for game

so i did smth weird and made a thumbnail first

what should the game be about? :joy:

Dating? IDK.

Maby a tag mode bule vs pink?

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lol that seems like smth u can’t say in the forum but ihnc im new here :skull: :skull: :skull:

what do we think of this: u have to help the blue axl save the pink axl, but there are obstacles along the way?

how about you can choose which team and you need to protect your team and defeat the other team or something of that sort

Maybe a role play thingy??

I do not think dating is appropriate for 6 year olds so maybe make it a story about 2 siblings on a adventure


Ya, dating ain’t aloud, but wdym by 6 yr olds

Dating is not something that will be allowed to be posted in Discovery. The most I can think of, if it’s even allowed, is to make a RPG. But I highly doubt that the thumbnail will be allowed.