Need Ideas for game function

So my original plan for my Cat Burglar game failed, what I was trying to do was just not possible, any who, I need ideas for a new way to bring players to the level. I don’t want players to be able to choose when they go to the level. Any Ideas?

wait, what do you mean?

a timer to have them go there

Level like floor level or level like level 8

or just have a time that it will happen

it is one level but the actual game instead of the home base

uhh, teleporters?
I dont see the problenms

i tried that and I couldnt get it to work because i needed teams to teleport to two different locations so cant do this

yep tried this too

a relay can send 1 team to here and another team to there!

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Relays all players on team 1 teleport there and team 2 teleport somewhere else

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then what do you really mean then cause theres also lifecycle you could try to find a way to use

wait wt?
Sry, your wording is kinda hard for me to understand

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