Need ideas for a team upgrade

I have a game but need 1 more team umpgrade so I got 2/3 the first one is bed defense and the 2nd is bed guards

So… what do you need? like… how do you want the thing to be? :neutral_face: ( So weird how in the past 23 minutes, nobody has replied to this.)

Make it so they can buy an alarm that warns them when an enemy player is in their base.

umm I alleard thought of that but I don’t like it need something else

Hmm… automatic gear upgrade? Like, upgrade rarity?

umm na i need somthin thats like… its a 1 vs all type game

Increased bed health???

ooooh that’s a good one

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Oh, oh! fake bed?? like, its a bed that spawns and if you hit it you get hurt??

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hmm something like a team upgrade something that brings use

For team upgrades maybe just damage boosts or speed modifiers, might be too simple, I don’t know…

What about something like deployable sentries that attack players?


I already got that its the bed guards
I’m thinking a crafting table where u craft weapons

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I know, but like they’re all over the map (instead of the bed)

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