Need ideas for a puzzle game

I need ideas for a puzzle game where it’s the same room but things change slowly and different mechanics are introduced.

Maybe make a subtle teleportation so that the player doesn’t notice the map change?

yeah but i meant like puzzles.

Randomized or a set change that will stay the same format like a certain order of map changes that will always happen in the same order.

set change that will stay the same

ok…well im gonna go then because i was going to give you an idea for randomized stuff(ill help later this is the only time for a while i can do flight simulator in class)

So you’re making a game sort of like The Corridor? (You’re in a hallway with a button and a door but the game restarts and things change a little every time you press it)

yeah like that

Sorry, I have ideas, but I am busy with an incident at school, so maybe on Monday?


How are you intending to trigger the changes, or subtley signal the player that something has changed.

subtly change it

Does the entire room fit on the player’s screen?


Yea, what @getrithekd said.

Also, if things change slowly, are you going to let the player know?

They have to notice it by themselves lol.

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a idea is that in one of the changes a small snow pile appears in the corner that a key is hiding in?

Please try not to say stuff like this a lot unless the builder and topic creator himself has said so specifically…I know you are probably right but I have said stuff like this been wrong and messed up someone’s game in the process (we eventually got it fixed thankfully but I don’t want a repeat)

Not to sound rude @Legobuilder, but @getrithekd should know and I think is well aware of what he did and thought there was a reason, one that I am sure has a decent point. So, I think he is fine, also he was replying to @ThisGim_Is-Sunny even though it was not directed towards him, and it make sense if you read it carefully.

I know i’m not mad at him or something i’m just saying he could be wrong as it was never directly said that…again not trying to be rude just saying in case (i know there is like a 95% chance of him being correct, but again just in case)