Need Ideas For A game I am making

I know this is weird, but I am making a game, and it has to have a lot of weird things in it. Only Ideas I have is like, upside down cows, or a random tornado that spawns. Any ideas from you guys?

Include sentries who say things that are nonsensical, such as ‘I drank my coat this morning.’

You can also have rapid switches in theme or color.

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Make little animations to make things look like they are moving, use the moving space terrain, random floating items, stick people

with chat GPT It can help

K but they came to the forum for ideas FROM THE FORUM, and you going to every help post saying “search before you post” is not helpful. And do you see anything on the forum that applies to this? If so, why dont you just LINK the TOPIC


Well said.

ChatGPT is not creative and steals people’s ideas.


Dang I REALLY wish I had saved a like for this comment. So real….

ONLY FOR CassiusDoomlord




I’m basically making this game based of an abnormal dream I had. though, these are some awesome ideas. Sorry for the long wait, I was working on a test.

Sure! (Test is more important lol) you could also make it so that the charector had a movement meter and a teleporter moves them back and forth to different places, or moves them in a line….