Need ideas for a creative map

I need some new ideas for a map.

Four seasons map, lost a sea Island excape map, sci fi city. Let me know if you want more. I am a map maker so I think I can think of a lot.

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Toxic waste land, battle royal, find the prop, freeze tag…etc.


Check out the ideas section for ideas!

(har har har)

invisible maze, tic tac toe, whac a mole, candy land, school, uno card game

DO NOT suggest Candy Land for a beginner project. It takes a lot of time and effort, even WITH concatenation.

I don’t get it…why is concatenation considered so advanced?

I don’t think it is, but ______Land was more than just coding. It’s a whole mini map, with all of the work that goes with that as well.

Oh ok just that people have made it seem like it was…

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what etc? you can’t etc your own ideas