Need help with weird barrier respawn

So I was making a secret that makes it so if you step on a trigger, it makes barriers flash Yellow, Green, Red, and blue. There is also a popup.

Thanks to @Cellofive here’s a screen recording:
Screen recording 2024-05-04 3.15.23 PM (1)

If your video is short enough, like under 5 seconds, use this

It should generally work like this.

Trigger thats stepped on triggers Trigger 1
Trigger 1 shows the yellow barrier and triggers Trigger 2
Trigger 2 hides the yellow barrier and shows the green one and triggers Trigger 3.
Trigger 3 hides the green and shows red and triggers 4
4 hides red and shows blue
and if you want it to repeat make 4 trigger 1 and trigger 1 hide the blue barrier

Yeah, I had that all set up, and I had it random with blocks. What I don’t understand, is when the barrier happens, I instantaneously

Do you have anything in your map that could cause damage or make the player respawn that may have been accidentally triggered?

So, I had a tagging device, but you are the tagger, so that wouldn’t be it. Also their is a team switcher, which I already had trouble with in my map, but miraculously somehow it just had to do it three times. Now I don’t understand.

It may be the team switcher bc team switching causes respawn.

Its probably the team switcher. Were there triggers that set it off that you maybe copied and forgot to change channels on?

Yes, but I don’t know why it keeps switching. Usually it just goes three times for the popup and is done. Oh also, the trigger is not triggered, for some unknown reason it automatically triggers without anything triggering it.

Also I checked, the channel is not the same for team switcher. I am, completely baffled.

I am to lol. Are you using channels or wires for the map?

Go here:

so I can go into your game. maybe

Both, I was using wires but then tried to use channels because:

This is only like a tenth of the beginning code.

Ok, Kosm0-o, but I have to go right now, I might be on in a couple of hours, so if anyone has not solved it I might ping you later.

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Honestly, when making a system I would stick to just channels or wires, if possible, for that system bc of less confusion…