Need help with voting

I am doing @getrithekd 's among us voting system and I’m just about to start the Resetting Player ID step and just decided to do a test with an alt since i was on the fifth step and when I pressed the button It didn’t show the alt Player ID. Can someone help me.

Maybe this guide can help: How to make a voting system for Among Us [SIMPLIFIED]
Though, I can’t help fix it, only giving a guide to make one. Mark a solution when you find one.

I personaly can not help you as of I am not good at voting systems, but because you pinged @getrithekd he should see your post and help, but also @ClicClac, @Haiasi, and a few others may beable to help you fix your voting system issue.

I can help, just send me a link in private message

Private messages don’t exist.

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Can I see your code and stuff up to this point?

You can send PM’s and Private messages(yes Discourse has to dfferent ways) but jeff has the chat feature turned off and messages are restricted to mods or above. So you can’t and you most likely won’t be able to due to those messages being to hard to moderate.

So, basically what I just said? You can’t just send pm’s willy-nilly?

Yep I just clarified with facts, but yeah you were right.

yeah sure here,


Lemme get @getrithekd on this. I would probably have to ask him to explain his voting system to me again anyway.