Need help with the forum's-

For some reason I can’t, Flag, edit topics.
How do you do it?

You need level member, at least to flag, I think you need higher for edit topics.

higher to edit topics forever and edit other peoples topics you can edit your own topics for limited time at any trust level

your topics or other people bc you can edit your own topic at any level @Stealthknight

Then why can I not edit the topic on the top? Is it becuase it is solved or no?

because you are a member you need to be TL3 to edit other peoples topics

but who want to edit other people topic

if people made a mistake like if its in the wrong topic like this one kinda is.
this one really should be in the Help catagory

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Wait doesn’t that clash with @adagio_sostenuto’s post about how you can edit any topic? Because you said it has to be TL3 not any level.

i said you can edit your post at any level @Stealthknight @adagio_sostenuto

he was asking what you meant by editing like
did you mean editing your own topics or editing others as you can edit your OWN posts at any trust levels but you cant edit other peoples post under TL3

Well yes I know you can edit YOURS but I don’t think that’s what @Addisyn wants because it starts with a thing of someone else’s, a flag, which in grammar terms means that it is referring to someone else’s post.

This is starting to get off-topic though, so lets stop guys.

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