Need help with tag map!

Sooooo… I’m building an infection tag map, where there are two taggers at the start, and then they tag other people who also become the taggers and like that until one person is left and blah blah blah. Anyway, I need resources and stuff for it, such as how to make the tag function, how to make one winner at the end… Yeah.

Also, I won’t be able to reply until tomorrow cuz I’m going to bed… But yeah I’ll check first chance I get tomorrow. Anyway, Bai :3

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Look under tag-domination posts, that should give you tagging stuff.
Um also use this for ending the game…

Make sure the map setting is cooperative.

Lifecycle > Relay (random player) > Team Switcher (Team 2)

Repeat this ^

Make a Counter.
Make the scope “team.”
Place a Property called “Tags.”
Make the scope “team.”
Connect the Tag Zone to the Counter.

Player Tags Another Player > Increment Counter

Put that property in the leaderboard.
You’re done!

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