Need help with something in my map pls help

i want it so when you pick up a item the item heals your shields by 10 every 3 seconds

quick question: why is this is Community Made Guides ?

it is ohhhhhh let me change that nvm

I already changed it.

Okay, so when you pick up an item, you can use an inventory item manager to activate a trigger clock that triggers every 3 seconds that will connect to a health granter that grants 10 shield
EDIT: max1’s is more efficient, use their solution instead.

Have a triggerloop trigger a checker, checking every 3 seconds if you have that item. If you do have that item, grant 10 Shield

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i forgot to say you have to press the button to get the item and then every 3 seconds if you have the item it heals your shields

Have an overlay, and when it is pressed, run the check. If the check passes, grant the health and wait 3 seconds, run the check again repeat

oh it works thanks a lot bro

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