Need help with ripoff names

I need help with ripoff names that are simlar to Echo and Vortex.

Which team name should i chose?
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Nova and Cosmos

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Nice, i’ll put it into my poll.

2 more (people) and i’ll make a poll.

though honestly what I seached :

Snow and Shadow

Edit: Idk about snow, I’ll try to think of something different.

Edit 2: I got it! Ghost!

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I made a poll!

celestia and stellarium

Light vs Shadow?

  1. Dark Knights vs. White Wizards
  2. Shadow Warriors vs. Mystic Mages
  3. Dragon Slayers vs. Unicorn Riders
  4. Fire Breathers vs. Ice Casters
  5. Storm Chasers vs. Earth Shapers
  6. Phantom Hunters vs. Spirit Summoners
  7. Elemental Titans vs. Mythical Creatures
  8. Necromancers vs. Celestial Beings
  9. Magic Misfits vs. Legendary Heroes
  10. Time Travelers vs. Dimension Hoppers
  11. Dream Weavers vs. Night Terrors
  12. God Slayers vs. Demon Hunters
  13. Cosmic Crusaders vs. Galactic Guardians
  14. Curse Breakers vs. Soul Savers
  15. Phoenix Flames vs. Hydra Heads
  16. Enchanted Ones vs. Dark Enchanters
  17. Crystal Guardians vs. Shadow Keepers
  18. Forest Guardians vs. Mountain Keepers
  19. Eternal Flames vs. Icy Winds
  20. Soul Stealers vs. Soul Keepers
    Any interesting ones for you?

Holy crap…
I don’t know which one to use.

I like number 12 and number 19 but it’s up to you.

Onyx Vs Opal (used this in my ctf map)

celestia and stellarium!!!

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