Need help with my prison break game

I’ve been attempting this ever since the beginning of my games and I can’t get this right at all. I need help with this game with like EVERYTHING!!!

Lets work on things one at a time. List all the features you want/need help with from most to least important so we can help you better!


What are some things you need help with?

The prison
The cops
The design
The features
The side Mission

for the prison do u plan on having cells that prisoners can get out of or only cops can open and close?
is design like super secure or a prison with flaws
what features do u plan
any ideas for the side mission?
what do u plan on the cops to do?
i need info sry .-.

Since we’re starting with prison, elaborate as much as you can!

i dont think so
aint tryin dox myself…

I help need with cells and The keys and The sentries and the jailmates

Have you used the GKC Tutorial yet? If not try that out… For the keys to unlock use a vending machine that is invisible and on top of the door to the prison

so jail mates and cops can be players
then the keys could be found in hidden areas or in like the wardens quarters
(which 1 player would be the warden)
then if jail mates find keys they can unlock it from the outside and inside (or jst outside. ur preference)
and the sentries can be guards or npcs to talk too for the side quest.
u can go on google for designs lmao

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I have used the GKC and that is how I made my games but this is brand new to me

I need a super secure prison

bunch of lasers. cops can be players like rekt said but add sentries on the same team as cops to help guard

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search the forums b4 posting. jst a reminder.

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how do the lasers turn o and off though?

:skull:i go by rekt
rainbow is a very old name that i dont go by lol
but if u prefer that u can say it.
jst dont get the wrong idea

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I want them to escape

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sorry didn’t know what to say and was speed typing :smiley:

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i saw this in a gkc game i played with a friend
there is this wall
and a button
and if u have a counter and set a target
if u click the button enough (like 100 or 150, dont do 300 that is pain)
it breaks the wall allowing them to obtain stuff and so what to do other stuff to escape

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