Need help with my map

i need it so when a player clicks a overlay if the other team is in the zone they respawn

player enters zone → increment counter (make the counter run on a property )

Player clicks overlay → run check (make check check if the number of the property up there = 1.

Check works (or whatever it says) → relay (all players on team _ → respawn

I know the wire words aren’t exact, and this might be wrong, i haven’t gone on to check it

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how do i make a counter run on a property?

there should be a section under counter settings that says property click that and make the counter update a property

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I meant update, sorry. In the counter settings, there is a “Make counter update property?” thing

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Oh i found it thanks!


It’s under the property section.

does this work i don’t know how to make this

It does.
Also the property, counter and checker is completely unneeded (not trying to be mean), you just need the game overlay to activate the zone and connect the zone to a respawn (optional relay if you want to make the whole team respawn)


that works but when the other team enters and dies the overlay is gone

Make the overlay re activate when the check passes

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