Need Help with my game

How do you make it so that only the host receives a popup? Not on game start, but during the game. I don’t know how to do it with the relay because all my players are on the same team, so yea.

Give the host a private property that is set to 1 while everyone else’s is set to 0. Then relay to everyone and (using a checker) check if the property is == 1. If so then open the popup

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Maybe you have an area for the host to press a button that changes a player - scoped counter or property, and run the action if the property was changed. Also, when the button is pressed, send the host to the main area. Or you could just use a lifecycle to change the property.

how do i do dat

Place a lifecycle (game start) that increments a counter that updates the property “Host?” (via a wire)
The counter’s scope should be set to “player”
You can update the property in the “property” tab in the counter

Create a property called “Host?” using a property device and set the default value to “0” and the scope to “player”

Then place a relay and set the audience to “all players”

After, place a checker and give it the following settings…

Next, place your popup and give it your desired settings

Finally, connect a wire from the relay to the checker and a wire from the checker to the popup (wire settings should be obvious)

When you want the Popup to open, trigger the relay however you like (button, zone, trigger, etc.)

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I kind of need help too as of me being unaware on how people make a message appear instead of notified message in the corner of their screen such as making a person talk to a NPC.

My map sucks even more without it too

Welcome @Hofeldn20! Make sure to read the community guidelines and faq!

To answer your question, you can use a popup device!

That’s okay. Practice makes perfect! (a LOT of practice)

Reading this back, this response doesn’t really make sense…

maybe this will hlp?
or do you need smth elese

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Where are the guidelines located?

Nevermind, found the FAQ, thanks for telling me about it, I’m new here.