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Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. I have a counter clock that counts down until it hits 0. But, it keeps restarting! I am using a wire repeater clock that is triggered by a button. How do I make it stop when it counts down once, but can still be pressed again?
Button pressed → Clock counts down until 0
Counter hits 0 → Restarts (I don’t want this to happen)
Counter hits 0 → Stops counting
Button hit again → Start counting again. (and so on and so forth)
(this is for my job sim guide)

I might not be as active so no solution for now!

Yes but this is a little more complicated. And that uses text, and I want a counter.

The player cooks more than one item (I have that part down) its a key part of the game.

Can you explain more, and, use item granters to grant the cooked food and remove the uncooked food.

MirMirCreates, I can’t download the don’t press the button thumbnail, also, congratulations on regular! Sorry for not congratulating you earlier, I didn’t notice you were a regular

I want the counter to stop counting when it reaches 0, and kind of cut off the wire repeaters.

Thanks! I can try converting the photo into a .jpeg, the kind of photo you would need. Try right clicking and click “Save as…”

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Use a trigger in-between the wire repeater wires so you can cut them off when the counter is done (counter has a target of 0, target counter reached --------> deactivate trigger)

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Ok thanks! I will try that and report back

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It works! Thank you!

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