Need help with making chess pieces move in gimkit

I have the peices thanks to NightEnd to get the peices here is the link How to make a Chess Board(Not the mechanics)

can somebody tell me how to make them move where you want and how to make them move plz i would really apritciate it and please forgive my bad spelling


This is some really advanced stuff… I’ll give you the concept on how you could do this but I can’t explain the code and such in detail.

You can use a text object on each row, and have some block code to generate the text emojis for each row. You can then place a button on each tile that can be pressed to move a piece to it.

But I would really recommend you go for something easier.

ok thanks would you like to help me?

I’m busy working on a solo chess, sorry.

oh ok can i help when we are allowed to put in codes

you can still see the deleted link

press the deleted comment

oh i need to fix that

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i guess il just be here

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