Need help with make a working door

Can someone teach me how to make a door that requires a certain amount of an item to open?

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@Athrun please note codes are not allowed here

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Welcome to the forums @Athrun !
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Use a vending machine with Stock enabled. It will allow you to stock the door up until you reach the amount, then you can unlock the door.
Hih (hope it helps!)

or canva!

welcome @Athrun ! my nickname is JDAT and i can help you with that!
first, grab 2 blackboard (wide) and turn them like this:

copy them & flip them!
time for wires!
grab a zone, and size it like this!

next, wiring. “when player enters zone → show prop” and “when player leaves zone → hide prop” for both of them. (i can’t put any more pictures for reasons)
oh, this is for the ones not in the zone.
make the ones not in the zone not seeable on game start.
and tadaaaaaaaaa!
btw, this is for a normal door.
do the same but not with a zone, but a vending machine.
tell me if i missed any details! goodbye and have a great day!

Just use a vending machine. You’re all overthinking this.

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