Need help with gimkit padlet (Not an Ad)

So when I want people to test my games I go to the wix but no one joins and now I have no choice but to do padlet but i have no clue on how to a get in gimkit padlet so can you guys send me a padlet link. (and yes i know that ads are not allowed)

hmmm maybe i let you in

i need to ask padlet owner first

ok thank you @AllFather_ofDeath

be quick and respond on the padlet once your in


link in bio

im waiting for a email from them

like what an invite?

I guess so. so then i wait

ok your in


I am chief admin of padlet

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ok thank you @AllFather_ofDeath

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no problem

I requested access to the padlet. Can I be in?

what relation do you have to Nature boy drama

who is that?

who are you

what do you mean?

as in who are you in terms of padlet usernames

ohhh its my username!

this is me

can you be more specific