Need help with gamemodes

I’m currently making an obby (or that kind of stuff) and there are 2 gamemodes:

Normal mode, and Hard Mode.

When one of them gets 5 votes, for example, Normal mode, then the game would be normal.

When hard mode gets 5 votes instead, then the game would act like it’s normal, but it’s hard.

Just like in the dungeon crawler, you can change settings. In my game, you can vote for a gamemode and when one of them hits 5 votes first, it gets chosen.

How do i do this?

Have 2 buttons under the game modes. Have 2 invisible counters with a target of 5. When the normal mode counter reaches its target, it broadcasts on “Normal”. When the hard mode counter reaches its target, it broadcasts on “Hard”. Hard button pressed → Increment hard counter. Normal button pressed → Increment normal counter. The gamemode is chosen by either the “Normal” or “Hard” channel.

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You can make the starting room have two buttons, one will teleport you to the hard section( The excats same map as the non hard, just with more traps, etc) and one that teleports you to the non hard section. You can make it too when each button reaches five clicks to teleport all players. You can do this by using a counter device, a button, and a teleporter. place the button were you wish it to be and then place the counter invisable behind it, make the counter settings 5(the start action when reached setting) and wire the button to it. Then place the teleporter on the hard or easy map(whichever map the button belongs too. and wire the counter to the teleporter, do the same for the other map.


I have set the voting system, i’m sorry if it made it confuse you.

What i mean is if one of the gamemodes, for example, normal mode, hits 5 votes first, then it’ll choose the normal gamemode.

If it hits hard mode first, it’ll choose hard mode.

Wait, so what do you need help with?

Thats not hard, juts have the counter set to 5 on start action, so which ever but reaches that first, the game will automatically make all players teleport to that map if you place a teleporter and wire it to the counter which is wired to the button. So if I am understanding correctly, nothing really needs to be complicated, its just as simple as its said.


The game will automatically do that, it can’t be messed with by players, it has no delay and happens as soon as that number is reached, no matter which counter reaches it first, it will preduce a action to the one who hit 5 first. If that makes sense.

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