Need help with flag messages

when someone steals RED’s flag, i have it transmit to RED team “hey get it back” but I also want to transmit a message to BLU team “help your boy steal the flag” and vice versa, i tried looking for a similar problem but i couldn’t find one. anyone know how to set this up? thanks

You can adapt these methods.

Isn’t this in the flag’s settings? I haven’t played with them much, though.

Isn’t there a setting in the flag to make it send a notification to the other team, automatically when their flag gets stolen?
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If you want to make it show the person who stole the flag, do this: (repeat for both teams)
Devices Needed:
Flag x1
Relay x1
Notification x1
Blockcode x1
Wires x2

(Flag) Flag Captured > (Relay) Trigger Relay

` (Relay) Relay Trigger > (Notification) Run Wire Pulse Block

Your blockcoding for the Notification should look like this:

Set Text | Create Text with “Triggering Player’s Name”
Has stolen the flag!

how do i customize the message tho

type what you want in the create text with “ “ part
it could be anything, it’s your map after all

alright thx

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