Need help with a mechanic on my map

Basically, there is a timer that counts down, and after its finished it resets the timer and respawns all players in a certain area

Welllll…counters, to a relay(all players) to a respawn

im also using a property so i can display it onto text

This is what you are needing? If so here is a pic of the devices you need.

Life cycle

Have life cycle at game start, repeater at 1 sec and counter however many sec you want it to take. Then transmit to respawn :slight_smile:

where do i put the property

“So i can display “it” onto text” what is it?

im displaying the timer onto text using blocks

Also i forgot to tell you to go to channels in the COUNTER and have it reset when the signal transmits, so it will continue for the entire game

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