Need help with a maze game

so I’m making a maze escape kind of thing game and I want to make a thing where everyone is working together and the game ends when everyone gets to the exit. also I want there to be a notification every time someone gets to the exit and it’ll say “(specific player) got to the exit!” and when you get to the exit you become a spectator

so basically there is not a question mark in sight so just take this for now

(zone) player enters zone —> (trigger) trigger

block code

add activity feed for everyone | create text with |
triggering player’s name 
got to the end

you could also do this with notifications, i can walk you through it if you want

but how do I make the part where you become a spectator when you finish the maze, and that the game ends when every person makes it out?

player enters zone —> switch player to configured team

it’ll automatically end when everyone is in spec mode (i think) but there is a spec mode glitch so look out for that i think they patched it but it still happens sometimes

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can you walk me through the notification thing me tryna do blocks but it confuses me

It’s in the top left of your screen when you select the trigger let me show you


There has to be a space before the “reached the end!” part or itll look weird

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