Need help! this is for hide and seek

anyone know how to make an overlay for just on team for hide and seek

I’m on it! Let me check to make sure but you might be able to use a checker or something.

Can you provide a description of the function of the overlay and how it will pop up? Just in case

Can you explain more?

You can use a trigger and set the Allowed Team configuration to the specific team you want it to. If you are using a button or zone you can just use wires. Then wire the trigger to the overlay to make it popup. (Trigger triggered → Show overlay)

relay sent to just one team

Relayed → show overlay

What if someone triggers the relay but is on the team not getting the overlay and then the team that gets it isn’t supposed to…? (Was that too complicated a sentence?)

the relay has an option for a specific team, so it doesn’t matter who triggers it. Or it could be triggerred on game start!

I know that. Sorry for my bad phrasing. I meant what if the opposing team triggers your relay. The relay cant be configured to trigger only by one team. It can only be configured to go to one team, if you see what i mean.