Need help on Voting

So, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t done my voting guide. Well, it’s because I found out that it doesn’t fully work. I’ve looked through EVERY SINGLE voting guide, but there either too hard, (Rithekid’s version) incompatible, (Whomian version) or the guide just doesn’t make sense! (bruhd’s version) Can somebody please help me figure out a super easy version, or at least make bruhd’s version make more sense? I would REALLY appreciate it

Also, it must work with Among Us, so a crewmate team and a 1-person Imposter team

What about eggnoodle’s?

Huh? Can you please put in link to that guide? I didn’t even know that guide existed

Found it. I’ll look into it

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All you really need is a pop up with two call to actions. One to chose that player and the other to go to to the next player. If a player choses one of those then it will close the pop ups, and therefore increment a counter by 1. Once the timer(for the voting) is down to 0 it will close all pop ups and therefore check all the counters that update properties. You then will have a bunch of if statements to check each property and see which one is greater. In the end it will decide who gets voted out. Each counter will represent a color of player. A player must chose one of the colors at the start of the game. It will then set up player id’s(less complicated than the real ones) and will be able to decided who chose which. Once it choses which counter has the highest value of votes it will teleport that player with the id to a place where it will be lasered, and therefore voted off officially. Simple idea. Let me know if you need more explanation.

Thank you so much! I’ll mark that as the solution

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