Need help on game, want to finish soon, need ideas, PLES HELP


Ik that I have posted this a couple times but I put solution so that it would be closed. Here is the story of the idea of “FIND THE ENDINGS”.

Recently, I have been introduced to the gimkit forums. I have had an idea for a game but it is going to take a lot of work. I also thought it would be fun to have this as a community project.

Find the endings is based off of find the Chomiks. if you don’t have context for that, look it up. Quick brief, you try to solve puzzles and use strategies to find Chomiks (hamster in polish)(I am not polish). Find the endings is where, well, you try to find the endings as a community.

1000 ( ik that is a lot) endings need to be created, 2 ideas have been given already, making that 998 left to make. PHEW! All ideas are accepted unless reasons that are for safety and inappropriateness. first day at forums so can’t reply but your idea will get liked if it is accepted. Please nothing other than ideas.

If you would like to make a request, follow this format.

(Name of ending)
(Difficulty (Easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, extreme, What?, oh no, …, NO!))
(Puzzle/how to obtain ending)

Thank you for helping and I appreciate that I can make my first game on gimkit.

(P.S. My friends are trying to copy me. My game will be labeled “FIND THE ENDINGS 1” as game name)


Reposting causes clutter. Clutter is bad in the forums. -_-

So is this like a 3 am game? Or is it like a roblox find the markers game? Also, is it top-down or platformer?

Top down. also no it is not 3 am

Also I’m new so just getting hang of stuff like reposting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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those difficulties…
oh no
insert dream sweet in sea major here
anyways though maybe an out of bounds option


Chomiks is from roblox also

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its against the rules

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Good idea. Also luv photo

What is. I said I’m new

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“One with Mother Nature”
Difficulty: Normal
Obtained: There is a single block(on the grid) of grass that is 1 layer higher than the regular grass. There is a hidden trigger on that block of grass that is triggered by player collision. They teleport to room full of dirt when the trigger is triggered.

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Game discription The game of a gimthousand different endings
Game name :fire:1,000 Endings The Ultimate Game​:fire:
1.Go to jail
2.Accidentally blow up car by putting oil in electric car
3.Pretend you are sick until realize its first day of summer
4.Get corrupted by gimgod
5.Get eaten by dragons
6.Try to pet a dodgefox…gets eaten
7.Touches grass and dies
8.Answers wrong on math question, baldi appears and chases you
9.Says hi to a viking…gets beat up
10.Talks to loki…end up getting tricked into jumping around like a monkey
11.Talks to thor while hes trying to find his hammer (cough…make demigods/magnus chase do it cough cough) gets punched 50 feet away

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again get a wiki reply in here made by a regular so you can infinitely add to it and add 1000 slots.


Note: you may also request as many as wanted

I need to go soon so I encourage you to try to make as many endings as possible before I come back everyone. MAKE MY MORNING BUSY WITH LIKING

okay well idk about morning but give me some time its bedtime for me so cya…

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“404 Error”
Difficulty: NO!/Off the Difficulty chart you have lol
Obtained: Make the map surrounded by invisible barriers that make the player stay in the map. There are 25 buttons hidden across the map. The player must click all of them. When they click all 25, a small barrier that surrounds the map is deactivated. The player enter outside the map and has to find an invisible teleporter. There are no limitations outside the map. When they reach the teleporter, they teleport to a room that has 100 buttons scattered across it. When they teleport into the room make a notification popup for 0.1 seconds that has a randomized 5 digit number code. One button in the room will take the player to the final room. The final room has plastic terrain of different colors scattered around. There are the 5 counters with the buttons to increment and decrement the counter. The player must enter the secret code that popped up in the notification earlier. If they get it correct first try then they are teleported to the success room. If they fail it first try then they are switched to spectators. The success room is a room that traps the player there until a second person enters it.



Please submit new ideas

Please do this. I need to finish soon

You hit the ground too hard
How to obtain: have a trigger, and when trigger, show a bar 2 blokcs ahead, then show a pop saying, OOMF you hit the ground too hard.