Need help making Fortnite Medallion

So I am trying to make a Fortnite-ish game and I think a Medallion would go well with my map. The problem is that I don’t know how to track a certain item to trigger a health granter that gradually gives the player shield to 50 shield. Anyone have any ideas?

Nope but cool idea! wish you luck bud!

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You could use an Inventory Item Manager to update a player-scoped property.

make a constant check(with a repeater), and it checks for that specific item. If the check passes, it grants health.

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Make sure to change it to shield though. Also, he wants it to have a max of 50.

for @XxGuyt6517xX

if they are coming to the forums for help and you can’t give them help don’t say anything. Saying that you can’t help doesn’t do anything productive and causes clutter. If everyone were to do that every help topic would have several hundred replies. And no solution.

an IIM as @awesomeT43 mentioned is easier.

The only problem with making a Fortnite medallion is you really can’t have it stop at 50 in the same way it does in the real game. There is no way to track current health or damage taken so the only way to stop halfway in your shield bar is to have your health granter on a timer. But if they were to get hit during that time then they wont reach 50 health. Also the effect would only be applied right when they get the medallion. The alternative to this is to have the max shield be 50 and have it constantly replenish but that is also not true to fortnite.